Women Standing For Good

Likewise, tell the older women to behave the way people leading a holy life should. They shouldn’t be slanderers or slaves to excessive drinking. They should teach what is good, thus training the younger women to love their husbands and children, to be self controlled and pure, to take good care of their homes and submit to their husbands. In this way, God’s message will not be brought into disgrace.

Titus 2:3-5 (The Complete Jewish Study Bible)

Today has been a nice day of rest for me, and I am currently sitting on my couch with one of my Bibles. Studying the Word is so important, friends. I especially love to study while holding an actual book in my hands. I seem to retain much more that way!

Before I begin, I would like to say that I do use many different versions to study from. I’m quoting from The Complete Jewish Study Bible above because that is what I took from my shelf today. I do not believe that this version is superior to others.

When I’m studying the Scriptures, I often wish that I had a Titus 2 mentor to guide me. At the moment I do not though, and that is quite alright. I do believe that the Lord is so good, and will fill each and every need we have. He has taught me so much with just my Bible!

I want my life to be a reflection of what is good. We can look at Titus 2, and plainly see the things that He deems to be so. We should love our husband and children, be self controlled and pure, take good care of our homes, and submit to our husbands. When we do these things, God is glorified and the gospel message will not be brought into disgrace.

This is super important, friends. If people look at us and see a feminist bunch who do not care much for our homes or the people inside of them, why would they want the hope in God that we claim to hold? If we say everything that comes into our minds without a filter, and do not take good care to retain our purity, then why would they want to trust in the message of God?

While some people might not think so, believers are to be a peculiar people. We have been set apart by the Lord for His service.

We should behave the way people leading a holy life should.

Nevertheless, God’s firm foundation stands, stamped with these words: “The Lord knows his own,” and “Let everyone who claims he belongs to the Lord stand apart from wrongdoing.”

2 Timothy 2:19

If we claim to belong to the Lord, then we should stand apart from wrongdoing. I think this involves standing as close to the things of God as we can, and very far from the things of wickedness. We might be labeled extreme, but so what? Does the opinion of man or God matter most? In all we do, we should aim to please God.

Friends, I have been labeled extreme my entire life. I think it started around the time I was 12 or so. I deeply wanted to throw away all of the secular cassettes and CDs that I owned, but my mother told me that this wasn’t necessary. I begged to be removed from public school. Oh, it was such a wicked place! I stayed strong in my convictions for a year or so, and then I succumbed to peer pressure. If only I would have been removed from there and been placed in a more godly environment. Instead of standing apart, I was standing close to wrongdoing. My young mind could only take so much.

I’m very thankful for the redemption of God. He redeemed me, and then I began the cycle of being labeled as extreme once more.

Being labeled as extreme used to really bother me, but now I understand that I should not care about that. I do not belong to the world, and I probably look a lot different than it does. And that’s okay! It’s actually more than okay. I believe it is preferable.

I hope you are encouraged to stand for what is good, and to live a good life dedicated to holiness. It is nice to know that we aren’t alone in this, isn’t it? Please rest assured that I’m standing beside you, fighting for these things, too.

I hope you have a lovely day with your families, friends. Many blessings!

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