I’m Adding More Native Plants to My Garden

While trying to learn more about ways to improve our yard and garden, I’ve learned about the tremendous benefits native plants offer. Not only do they often grow easily in our native soil, they attract native pollinators, many of which depend on them as a food source.

So I’ve been doing what I can to add more native plants to my garden! I absolutely do not only purchase native plants at this point, but I think adding more natives will benefit the ecosystem around us.

Recently I purchased several native plants from American Meadows online. Everything arrived in great shape, and they are now happy residents in my garden. My hope is that they will flourish and take off! We have so many invasive species on our property. Japanese Honeysuckle has choked out so many of our trees and shrubs. We also have a lot of Poison Ivy and Virginia Creeper that we would like to get rid of. I really want this place to be better for us being here.

I hope you enjoy this video about my online order, and why I chose the plants that I did. Several of them are also medicinal in nature, which is a double win.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today, friends. I hope that you enjoy the video!

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