Schools are Beginning to Ban Skirts and Dresses

Oh, what a day it’s been. I’ve been working on all the things! When I sat down to take a short break, a story popped up on my phone and I knew that I needed to share it with you. Friends, femininity is truly under attack.

The news article was about a North Texas school district that is banning skirts and dresses for this coming up school year, among other things. You can read this article here. This is the second school district that I’ve noticed making this change this week. The other district in question was in the UK, I believe.

The article states, “The district emphasized in its announcement of the policy change that the shift is intended to prepare students to enter the workplace. It also said the policy gives FISD “a positive and distinctive identity” and reflects the “values of the schools and community,” according to a statement and video released by the district.”

The school district reasons that this change will help students in their future careers. I couldn’t disagree more on several different levels.

First of all, a woman can look completely professional while wearing a skirt or dress. The only difference in her appearance would be the feminine feel that a dress or skirt gives.

As much as society is trying to right now, femininity cannot be erased. It cannot. This gender neutral culture that we are experiencing right now flies in the face of Scripture. God created men and women with separate purposes, and yes, separate appearances. This is a good thing! When a woman wears a dress in a modest way, she is stating without words that she appreciates being female and embraces how God made her. This is important, and is a right that these students are being stripped of.

Secondly, this school district is making the assumption that their female students will be entering the workforce. This is just part of the brainwashing that our children are experiencing in public schools. Our girls are being told that getting a job is more important than raising a family, while many of their homemaking hopes and dreams are crushed underneath these expectations. They graduate high school and head to college where they likely will accumulate student loans. By the time they are married and have a family, they have no choice but to work. Her children are then sent to day care and public school where the cycle continues. All the while she grieves her choices, knowing that she will never get the time with her children back.

While I realize that not every woman will feel this way, many of them do. I know I did! My friends did. I felt lied to when I realized that embracing a simple life at home was more full of God’s blessings than a career.

I feel appalled that this school district is lumping skirts and dresses along with the likes of hoodies and holey jeans as “unprofessional.” Excuse me? In our culture today, skirts and dresses are distinctly feminine. Society is doing what it can to take our feminine identity away from us. The simple fact that skirts and dresses have been banned is all the more reason to wear them. Why can’t we see what’s happening?

If you are a parent whose child is in public school, speak out. Better yet, pull your children from public education and instead teach them a curriculum that speaks to what they want to do with their life. We do not all fit into the same size hole, and men and women are different. If your daughter wants to be a homemaker, teach her home economics, gardening, and childcare skills along with reading, writing, and arithmetic. In the end, she will thank you.

6 thoughts on “Schools are Beginning to Ban Skirts and Dresses

  1. Regina says:

    When I saw this in my email my first thought was “Say it “ain’t” so Nicole!”. Then I read the article. May I say that’s the stupidest thing since, since spray on hair! No make that the Shake Weight!
    Society is trying so hard to cancel womanhood. What about those girls whose Biblical convictions are to wear skirts and dresses only? I agree with you whole heartily that parents need to pull their children out of these crazy public schools.

  2. Charlene says:

    I live in North Texas. We homeschool, but wanted to know if the article said what school district or city? Thanks for posting this

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