Complaining Isn’t Good For Us

This week it has been hot. Too hot. After watering my garden early in the morning, I usually retreat into the coolness of my home for the rest of the day. I’m keeping the blinds drawn and appliances off as much as I can. It’s been somewhat miserable!

I must admit that I’ve found myself complaining to myself a bit. And while it might be warm, that is no reason for me to complain! The Lord has seen fit for the weather to be hot this week. He has allowed it to be so.

Just like when the weather isn’t to my liking, it is easy for me to complain about what’s going on around my home. We just got a quote for our roof and gutters to be replaced, and it’s much higher than I’d like it to be. My daughter picked up some kind of bug when she visited the eye doctor last week. The bathroom closet overflow into our bedroom is beginning to get on my nerves.

None of these things are a huge deal, but it is easy for my sin nature to take over sometimes. Not only that, some of these things can be a blessing in disguise. For example, the piles of clothing and towels in our bedroom floor is evidence that our bathroom is being renovated. What a blessing!

As wives and mothers, I think it is important for us to keep a heart turned towards the blessings of God instead of complaining. There really is a bright side to just about everything if we just look for it. Even in the really difficult times, we can remember that the Lord is using this time to refine us.

Philippians 2:4 says, “Do all things without complaining and disputing.” I think this is so important because a complaining spirit cannot truly worship and praise God. We were created to glorify God in all things, friends. Complaining and disputing takes away from that.

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I often forget that my little children are watching me, and often follow my lead. I want to show them the way we are supposed to live, instead of being a bad example to them.

And while complaining about the weather might seem like a minor thing, it is evidence that this mama is not fully relying on God. The warm weather isn’t “terrible”…it is simply what it is. Hot weather is a great time for our body to sweat out toxins and become stronger!

Just like the other hardships we experience aren’t terrible. These things mold us into stronger women of God.

I hope you are encouraged today, friends. May your day be filled with the Father’s love.

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