Weekly Raised Bed Garden Tour Video | June 2022

Our raised bed garden has been a labor of love this year. I’ve tried to learn all I could about how to grow more food this year. And so far, this is our best garden yet! I’ve had some setbacks, including fungal infections and insect pressure. But overall, the garden is producing pretty well!

I wanted to share this video tour of my garden with you. I mainly make these videos for my benefit. It will be great to have a record of what worked and didn’t for years to come. But I’d also love to encourage you to start growing food if you can, even on a small scale.

Our raised beds were made from fence pickets, and cost about $10 each to make. I’m also using fabric grow bags that I purchased off of Amazon, and plastic black pots that trees we purchased came in. Gardening definitely doesn’t have to be expensive.

Each year I learn from my mistakes, and the garden grows better. Even if your garden doesn’t produce a lot this year, now is a great time to start learning.

I hope you enjoy the video. Later in the day I am going to check if there are any more green beans or tomatoes ready to be harvested. They are starting to come in. Hooray!

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I hope you and your family has a blessed day!

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