A Homemaker’s Day | July 28, 2022

Hello, friends! Ah, what a lovely day it has been. I haven’t shared “A Homemaker’s Day” type post with you in awhile, and I thought I would today.

Sundays are one of my favorite days. It follows our Sabbath (Saturday), so it is a good day to get some work done. At the same time, I usually do not schedule the day like I would a week day. I am able to get some things done that I wasn’t able to squeeze into the rest of the week!

Let me stop for a minute and say that it is such a joy to be a homemaker. I love working to make my home a nice place for my family to live.

This past Sunday, I woke up before 7 am and decided to go ahead and jog. My jogging schedule is normally Monday-Wednesday-Friday, but we planned on taking our children to Dollywood the next day. Jogging on Sunday would be much easier than trying to squeeze it in before leaving on our excursion.

My goal is always to jog 5 kilometers (or 3.1 miles), and I was able to get it in. My children started to come outside while I was jogging to complete their chores and wander around our yard. When I was finished, we checked on the gardens and looked at our growing ducks. I had missed a few okra, and they had grown ginormous!

I came inside to cuddle with our two-year-old for a bit before gathering seeds to plant. It was time to plant one last round of summer squash, along with carrots and kale. It was so nice to spend the morning in the garden before it got too warm. I also was able to fertilize some plants that I just hadn’t gotten to during the week.

I also spent some time with two of my daughters harvesting elderberries. This is the first year our elderberry plants have produced, and it is so exciting to pick from them. I was sure to freeze them as soon as I came indoors, since elderberries deteriorate quickly.

After this time, I came inside and ate a cucumber/tomato sandwich. It was so good! I love eating veggies fresh from our yard. My children were enjoying lunch courtesy of my mother in law, which was also a blessing.

After eating, I blanched okra to get them ready to freeze. I also put a load of clothing in the washing machine, and made a batch of cheese from our goat’s milk.

My husband spent the day working on trim, and I was so excited to put things back into my closet! You see, we have been renovating our bathroom, and my husband needed to lay tile and put new trim in the closet. Everything on my closet floor went into our bedroom, and I was happy to have a clear place to walk in our bedroom again! I reorganized the closet, and swept the bedroom floor. Much better!

After that, my youngest son needed to rest. I rested with him, and read a bit from Called to be Amish by Marlene C. Miller. What a nice time it was.

After a dinner of leftovers, it was time to fold clothes and water the garden. Afterwards, I began packing our van for the fun day ahead.

And that’s about it. A full, and productive, day!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my day. It is so nice to be a homemaker!

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