Do Evil Spirits Encourage Immodesty?

Happy Monday, friends. I hope that you had a lovely weekend with your family. While I am so grateful for our bustling home, it is nice to rest for a day or two with my husband and children.

I would like to share a passage of a book called Restoring Christian Modesty by Jesse Smith with you today. I don’t necessarily believe in the doctrines that he shares, but I do love to read books about modesty from all types of people. Oftentimes, there are bits of wisdom to glean where we least expect it. I think it is so important to outwardly look like the daughters of God that we are.

While I believe that we often dress immodestly because of our sin nature, or to fit in with the culture, the author believes that immodesty is caused by the power of darkness, or influence of evil spirits. It is definitely something to consider.

Immodesty is caused by the power of darkness, or the influence of evil spirits, that cause women and men to unclothe their bodies and present themselves immodestly before the public, as clearly written in Scripture.

Two notable Bible examples demonstrate that evil spirits strip people of their clothing. First, evil spirits were credited with unclothing the man from Gadara in Luke 8:26-35. After Jesus had cast the legion of demons out of the delivered man, he was then clothed and sat at the feet of Jesus in his right mind. A legion of demons stripped the poor man of his clothing, but once those demons left, he was soon fully clothed. This illustrates that someone who dresses immodestly and reveals parts of their body that God considers nakedness is not in his or her right mind.

A second example is found in Acts 19:14-16. Seven Jewish sons of Sceva were trying to cast out an evil spirit in the name of Jesus, but they were not believers in Christ or did not have genuine faith in Christ. The evil spirit from the possessed man leaped on the sons, overcame them, and prevailed against them so much so that the seven sons fled out of the house naked and wounded. The lesson is that evil spirits strip off clothing.

The power of the Holy Spirit causes us to dress modestly and keep the commandments of God. Scripture says the Holy Spirit quickens, or makes alive the Word of God to the believer and causes him to keep God’s commands.

-Restoring Christian Modesty, p. 12-13

At the root, I do suppose that evil is the author of anything contrary to God, which includes immodesty. There are Scriptural examples of demons causing people to cast off their clothing. At the same time, we need to remember that often our own heart wickedness causes us to dress immodestly to get attention from the opposite gender. This type of attention is never good, and we should not try to seek after it. I’m sure evil spirits encourage this type of behavior.

When we dress immodestly, we are in essence saying that we are not on God’s side. Immodesty is not from Him. He wants His daughters to be fully clothed in a way that honors Him.

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