The Lord’s Vision for Homemakers

As I type, the sun is setting and the Sabbath is beginning. I am so thankful for it. This year has been interesting. I have been busier than ever before in my home, and it has been a new experience for me.

I feel like I’m finally seeing the vision of homemaking that the Lord had for me. I’ve seen pieces of it before, but not the whole picture.

As a young homemaker, I was ill equipped in so many ways. I didn’t know how to cook and my cleaning skills were lacking, too. I took to mothering and homeschooling pretty well, but I didn’t see the value in learning more about the art of homemaking.

Have things ever changed the past few years! I now believe that the food system is broken in many ways, and I want to be responsible for sourcing as much of our food as I can. This also involves learning how to cook many things from scratch. I also have seen the value in keeping a tidy home for my family to enjoy.

I’ve realized that nourishing our family with food and keeping a clean home is a big part of God’s vision for homemakers. And I want to embrace it with a contented heart.

Today I wasn’t too content. I was tired! It was one of those days when I was on my feet for a very long time. Everything I did took longer than I expected it to. I thought “why am I doing all of this?”

A small still voice said, “because I called you to it.” I’m doing it because it is the Lord’s will that I am not idle, and instead am industrious in my home. And while I need to work hard for my family, He has also lovingly given me time to rest.

She looketh well to the ways of her household, and eateth not the bread of idleness.

Proverbs 31:27

I think we live in a culture that is afraid of physical work, and I have fallen right into it at times. While there is nothing wrong with some modern conveniences, He didn’t give them to us in the beginning. He asked us to work hard with our hands, which helped homemakers become strong while learning the importance of diligence. I know I need to learn more about the value of hard work. Working within our homes for our families is so worthwhile!

Friends, let’s stay true to God’s vision for us. He loves us so much, and wouldn’t ask us to do anything that isn’t good for us.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I hope you have a blessed day with your family!

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