Creating a Haven in Our Home This August

Happy Sunday, friends. Oh, what a wonderful week it has been. The Lord has been so good to us. He is so good always, isn’t He? Even when times are tough, He uses those experiences to draw us closer to Him, or to fulfill some purpose greater than us. We can rest assured that He is always moving and working in our lives!

The month is almost over. I can hardly believe it. Before long, I will be putting on long sleeves, and watching my children play in the leaves. It is such a sweet time. I’m grateful for this summer, but now I’m ready for fall.

This month is a month of transition as summer starts to come to a close. The inside of my home has been in transition, too. We are finally starting to make a few major cosmetic changes since our roof and gutters have been replaced. Praise the Lord!

My husband has added storage spaces for me, and is working on putting tongue and groove on our walls. Friends, this has been a balm to my soul!

We have been without a linen closet for two years now. We’ve had no real place to put a vacuum cleaner or a step ladder. Finally, these types of items will have a home! As a homemaker, I’ve learned that I feel like my home is more peaceful if everything has a place. So this is a huge blessing for me.

This closet will also have a place to store our coats. This will be so nice! We had to close in a wall to make this happen, but I think it was worth it.

I’m most excited about the wood my husband has put on the living and dining room walls. To me, being surrounded by a natural material is so peaceful. My husband has worked so hard, and it’s beautiful. In the future, we plan to finish the floors with a natural stone, Lord willing. Being surrounded by nature while indoors is calming to me.

I hope it is calming to my family, too. I want our home to be a haven for them to enjoy. I also am not a fan of cookie cutter houses. When we moved in, this house definitely fell into that category. August has seen so many wonderful changes here.

We actually just ran out of our last order of tongue and groove, and my husband plans to purchase more next week. While August was the month of living and dining room walls, hopefully September will be the month of living and dining room ceilings. And then October will be the month of our bedroom walls. We shall see, though. Sometimes my plans are too big!

I’m hoping that our winter will be super cozy since we have made these changes. I really think it will be!

We are purchasing our lumber through a local saw mill. I’m so happy to be supporting a business close by.

We put aside some of the funds we received when we sold our previous home to renovate this one. I’m still trying to be frugal in other areas of life so we don’t dip into too much of our savings at one time. It was difficult to pay so much for our roof and gutters earlier in the summer. Since working through the Dave Ramsey plan over the past six years, I do not like making big purchases. It pains me!

Anyhow, thank you so much for stopping by my blog for this little home update. May the Lord bless you!

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