My September Goals as a Wife, Mom, and Homemaker

I am a very goal oriented person. I think this probably stems from my upbringing. As a child, I was taught that setting goals can help me to reach my full potential.

While I no longer see goals as the only or best way to succeed, they help motivate me to keep moving in the right direction. I like to set gentle goals. These help me to become a better wife, mom, and homemaker, with the Lord’s help, of course!

This month I am focusing on a few specific things regarding my health and our homeschool, along with other things. I want to see rhythms get put in place to make our home run smoothly. The beginning of a school year can feel tough at first, can’t it?

1. I want to continue to schedule the bulk of our homeschool work in the mornings, and to stay consistent. When my part in the school day is completed in the morning, I have ample time to finish the rest of my work for the day.

2. I want to make time with the Lord a priority. When I get busy, time in the Word begins to slip. This is the most important thing we can do each day! I need the Lord to guide and direct me. I need to seek His will each day for my life.

3. I want to start tidying up my garden spaces in preparation for winter. Last year, I left our raised bed garden a mess until about February. It feels much better to get that task done sooner rather than later. I also want to add a good layer of compost to my garden areas soon.

4. I want to focus on getting faster during my jogs. I have a 5k coming up in October, and I want to give it my all. I also am trying to make sure my diet is especially clean this month. I think this will help me, too.

5. I hope to sell a few things on Etsy. Since I’m spending less time in the garden now, I reopened my Etsy shop for a time. Fall always inspires me to make things, with craft fair season being in full swing.

6. I’m thinking about writing posts and participating in Blogtober. This would mean that I would write a blog each day during the month of October. I’ve done it before, and I think I will give it a try.

7. I want to continue cultivating a kind, meek, and gentle spirit. Oh, how I need the Lord to help me with this! Only He can help me to be the woman I need to be. I desperately want to be a loving and encouraging wife and mother.

8. I want to prepare well for the Biblical Fall Feasts. Sometimes these special days sneak up on me, and this year I hope to prepare in advance for them with crafts, food, etc.

So, these are my goals for the month! Do you ever set goals for yourself? I’ve found that even if I do not meet a goal, having them helps me. Working on them just a little bit brings improvement to my life.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today, friends. May God bless you!

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