Facing Life with Confidence

Hello, friends. I hope you are having a lovely day so far. I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend over here!

I recently was reading a passage in the book, A Woman for God’s Glory, and I would like to share it with you. I am now in the “middle age” category, and I want to continue to face life with confidence.

“It is possible to face life with confidence – not in our own strength, nor in the surroundings and circumstances in which we find ourselves, but as we place ALL of our confidence and trust in the great God who changes not. (Malachi 3:6).

…At times, remarks like these are heard: ‘I’m 29 and holding, ‘ ‘I never want to go over the hill,’ or ‘ I wish this was our wedding day again!’ Seemingly, to them the thought of mid-life and growing older leaves a bad taste. A carpenter once said, ‘I would rather build a new house every 10 years than to maintain the one we have.’

Perhaps this is how we too often view middle age. This concept is all too common in society today. Unless our roots are grounded deeply and firmly in God’s Word, we too may be swept away by the current. If we allow fantasy and feeling to engulf us, the ‘feeling’ of love will dwindle. But if we, by God’s grace, establish in our minds God’s plan for one husband and one wife, then we need not dread the changes life brings because we cling to the unchanging promises of God.”

-A Woman for God’s Glory, pp. 74-75

There is nothing to be afraid of when we age. The Lord has a plan for each one of us, and these plans are good, even when we grow older. Instead of looking at the culture and what it says about aging, let’s turn to God’s Word. The Scriptures say that aging is a blessing.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today. I hope you were encouraged. I’m going to try my very best to participate in “Blogtober,” which means a new blog will be posted each day of October. We’ll see how I do!

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