How a 42-Year-Old Mom of 9 Lost 40 Pounds

Hey friends, and welcome to the blog! I hope you are doing wonderfully, and that your life is full of the Lord’s blessings.

Recently I shared my story about how I lost over 40 pounds last year on my YouTube channel. I thought you might be interested in watching, so I’ve shared it above. To watch, just click the play button.

I used to think that taking the time to lose weight might be kind of selfish, but I definitely do not feel that way anymore. I need to take care of my body because the Lord has asked me to be a good steward of it. I also want to be in good health for my children’s sake. It will be much easier for them in the long run if they have a mother who can take care of herself for a very long time. (Lord willing, of course!)

I’ve tried to document bits and pieces of my weight loss journey here on the blog as well. You can read my January update here.

This is the short update that I shared in August.

If you would like to lose weight, I know you can do it! Most worthwhile things in life do not come easy. It can be very easy to gain weight. But weight loss? Not so much. All you need is a little dedication and determination and you will be well on your way.

Thank you for stopping by today. I hope your day is blessed!

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