Our Rustic Master Bedroom Suite Makeover

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Today is an exciting day for me, because I am finally revealing our master bedroom suite makeover! It has been a long time coming. When we moved into our fixer upper, I really wanted to update everything to our taste right away. But some things had to wait. Like our master bedroom. Pesky things like floor leveling and a new roof had to come first.

The Lord definitely taught me patience over the past two years, and now our master suite is (mainly) done! It is a calming natural retreat, and is exactly what I had in my head when we got started.

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I wanted it to remind me of the cabin we sold, because I felt so comfortable and relaxed there. Rusty definitely made my dream a reality.

If you would like to see the room makeover on my YouTube channel, click on the play button above.

We probably will get to the floors within a month or two. Then it really will feel completed.

Have you ever renovated your home? How did it go?

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