What Will I Do When My Children Leave?

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If you don’t know, I am a forty-something woman with a large family. Nine children to be exact. And oh, what a blessing this is!

I admit that I have somewhat dreaded this time of my life, though. I love being a mother, and I’ve hated the thought of my children leaving the nest, so to speak. I miss the dynamics of our home in earlier years. I miss being a larger part of my children’s lives, too.

I know this is somewhat selfish of me. At the same time, I realize that the Lord has given me a love for mothering, which I’m grateful for. My children mean so much to me.

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I came across a short passage in a book lately that really helped me. I may even make a lovely print of it to hang in my room. I know it is important for me to remember that the Lord has a great purpose for my life in the here and now, and I need to daily seek Him and ask Him to show me His will for my life.

“We may find ourselves growing older, and as our children leave home, they no longer need our constant care and guidance. Instead of a side trip into loneliness, let us remember: ‘When I am old and grey headed, O God, forsake me not; until I have shewed thy strength unto this generation’ (Psalm 71:18a). When we feel the tug of the side trip of loneliness, we need to read God’s Word and pray for our families. There is always much to be done for the woman who is willing to allow God to use her. Life centers around the heart, therefore; we must ‘Keep our heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life’ (Proverbs 4:23).”

-Anna Mary Byler

Friends, this encouraged me so much! The Lord has not forsaken us as our children grow up.

Now, I am far from lonely. I still have a household bustling with young children. But I am “lonely” for a couple of my older ones. Do you know what I mean?

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There is still much to do. There is much work to do as I mother my younger children with my whole heart. And when it is their time to go, my purpose is still clear as a wife and homemaker.

But above all, I have the Lord to serve. He will show me the way if I diligently seek Him.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. Let’s remember to serve our homes and families well!

2 thoughts on “What Will I Do When My Children Leave?

  1. Stacie says:

    This new phase of mothering had been on my heart lately, too. It sometimes bothers me that I can’t do with my younger ones some of the things I did with the older ones when they were little. Family dynamics definitely change with time.
    The other part of this (for me) is the non childbearing years that seem to be looming much more than I expected them to be. I’ve had a few miscarriages after my 8th child and it hurts some days more than others.🙏🏽
    Thank you for sharing that qoute, and for pointing out that our duties before God are still clear with being wives and homemakers as our children grow and leave home.

    • Nicole says:

      This new phase of motherhood has been the most difficult for me by far. I am so sorry for your losses, Stacie.💞 I understand the feeling of our non childbearing years looming. Thankfully, we still have a wonderful calling to fulfill once they are over!

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