A Woman’s Perspective of God’s Will

It has been quite a morning. Upon waking, we discovered that the gate to our male animal pen was wide open, and they were gone. The search is on, but now I am back inside with my youngest since he is awake.

Before the commotion began, I was pondering the things of God. In particular, I was thinking about His will for my life. Have I been walking in it?

If there is any man who fears the Lord, he shall be shown the path he should choose.

Psalm 25:12

Having a deep respect for the Lord is the first step in being shown the path we should choose. A woman who fears the Lord takes His Word seriously, and lives her life by it. She knows that while her life may look countercultural to those around her, there is nothing better than living for her God.

I have been reading through the book of Matthew, and so far I see several themes running through it. I have read that fearing the Lord involves seeking after righteousness with a spirit of immediate obedience.

This has humbled me. While I would like to say that this is always my attitude, it isn’t always the case.

The Lord gives us many opportunities to serve Him each day, doesn’t He? Oftentimes these opportunities are in disguise, and come in the form of our husbands and children!

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As a homemaker, wife, and mother, I realize that I should do all things as unto the Lord. This means that I should joyfully complete each task that presents itself to me each day.

Once we realize what the will of God is in our lives, we shouldn’t say no to it. I’ve realized that when I feel uncertain about following God’s will, there is usually selfishness involved on my part.

Instead of thinking about God and my family, I’m thinking about myself. Even if I don’t like to admit it, I am considering my comfort over what needs to be done.

Instead, I should have a willing heart and spirit which is open to whatever the Lord wants me to do.

Make Thy paths known to me, Oh Lord, teach me Thy ways, lead me in Thy truth and teach me; Thou art my God and Savior.

Psalm 25:4-5

Each and every day, let’s come before Him with a willing spirit and ask Him to show us our path for the day. Let’s ask Him to give us the strength to serve Him joyfully as we tend to our families.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, friends. Let’s remember to serve our home and family well!

(On a different note, our boy animals were found just as I finished writing this post. Praise God!)

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