Living Righteously as a Wife and Mama

Hello, friends. I hope your week has been a good one so far.

Everything has been well over here. I’ve been doing my best to be a good keeper at home, and to be a kind wife and mother. With the Lord’s help of course!

I have really enjoyed my Bible study time lately. I try to read my Bible for a while each day. I have been picking a book to read through, and then studying each verse chronologically. I definitely have had some good times of study.

After reading through Hebrews, I decided to jump into Matthew. I really want to study the life and words of Jesus thoroughly. 

While I think it is really good to study women in the Scriptures since I am a woman, there is no greater person to learn about than Jesus. As the Son of God, He is who I should model my life after.

Anyhow, I was reading Matthew 3, and came across these words of Christ:

But Yeshua (Jesus) responded, “Let it happen now, for in this way it is fitting for us to fulfill all righteousness.” So John yielded to Him.

Matthew 3:15 TLV

John was trying to prevent Jesus from being immersed by him, since he felt like he wasn’t worthy to do such a thing. Jesus’ response was that it must be done so to fulfill all righteousness.

This verse stuck out to me, because I don’t always make decisions with this attitude. My first thought isn’t always “what can I do to fulfill righteousness in this situation?”

Instead, I might be thinking about what might be the easiest, or most efficient way to do something. 

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Instead of talking to my children about the Lord as much as I can (Deut. 6:7), I sometimes try to hurry through a task with them so I can move onto the next thing.

Instead of fully submitting to my husband, I might add an item to my Amazon cart that he didn’t approve of. (This did happen this week! While I didn’t end up purchasing it in the end, I sure did think about it. There was a great deal on an Echo Show, but my husband isn’t too keen on adding more ‘smart’ devices to our home.)

Is this fulfilling righteousness? No, I don’t think so.

The Lord’s Spirit has empowered me to live righteously through faith in Christ. Not to live for myself.

My family watched a teaching from Paul Washer the other day. In it, he said that our selfish motives need to be put to death. Immediately. A selfish life is the opposite of the life Jesus lived on this earth.

He came to fulfill the will of His Father to save us from our sins. To live righteously. To show us how to live!

As a believer, I want my life to be full of righteousness. I want my husband and children to see it in me. I want others to see it in me, too.

I want others to know that I am living for my Father in heaven, and not for myself. I hope that each day I am conformed more and more into the image of Christ.

His will for us is to live for Him. He will give us the ability to do so.

So yeah, I guess those are my thoughts for today.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I truly appreciate you. Let’s remember to serve our home and family well!

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