Rambling Sabbath Thoughts

Hey, guys. I know I normally do not write to you so late on a Saturday evening, but today has been a little bit different for us. It has been a family day, and we are tying up some loose ends before we go to bed. I must admit, our living area is quite the mess. It appears like everyone has had a good time today!

There are so many little blessings in my life. So many things that I sometimes take for granted. My Heavenly Father has given me such a rich life!

I never would have imagined growing up that I would have the family that I do now. My, have I been blessed! A long time ago, I would have thought that having a large family would have just been a burden to me. I did not desire it.

While surrendering my life to the Lord, He showed me just how wonderful it is to have a large family. He created each of my children, and has a purpose for them. And He used my body as a vessel to bring them to earth. How amazing is that?

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Earlier today, we took a drive into the mountains. While passing by a meandering creek, I was totally taken by God’s creation. How could the same Great God who made the mountains and rivers care about little ol’ me? It is really mind boggling to think about.

He cares about everything I do. Just like I care for my children, He cares for His. The thing is, He cares about His children way more perfectly than I do mine. He is God! It is something we can’t quite comprehend, I think.

My heart just overflows when I try to think about it. It makes me want to love Him in return.

Scriptural love isn’t just in word. It is an action, too.

I hope this post didn’t ramble too much. These are just a few of my thoughts as we close out the Sabbath.

I would like to encourage you to love God fully. If He is encouraging you to do something, do it. He cares for you so much, and has your best in mind.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. I will talk to you soon!

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  1. Victoriya says:

    Sounds like you had a fullfilling day 🙂 We pray out loud as well, and I agree with you I believe it brings a good change

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