Simple Living Newsletter #53

Loving the Lord with Our Mind

Hello friends, and welcome to the newsletter. I hope your home has been filled with love and joy this week!

Over the past few days, I have been thinking about loving God with my mind, and what that entails. 

Jesus said to him, “‘You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.’

Matthew 22:37

It somehow seems easier to me to love God with all of my heart and soul. Maybe this is because I consider love to be an emotion, instead of an action most of the time.

Unfortunately, this is the wrong way of thinking! Love is an action, and is also tied to thought and our mind.

We love God when we decide to follow His will with our mind. When we learn and memorize the Scriptures, we are loving Him, too.

When we make choices each day, we use our mind to decide what is the best way to do things. We use our mind to either do what honors Him best, or what honors Him least. Let’s choose to honor Him!

We also use our mind when we wake up each morning and decide what needs to be done. Sometimes I must decide between prayer and study and other things. If those things can wait, it is probably best to pray and study first, even if we don’t feel like it. This is using our mind for good.

The Lord has been so good to give us our mind! He has also given us the power to choose what we would like to do with it. Let’s use it for good, and to further His kingdom!

Love Without a Net

“‘Will you love and cherish, in health and in sickness, in prosperity and in adversity, share the joys and sorrows of life, exercising patience, kindness, and forbearance, live in peace as becometh a faithful Christian couple, forsaking all others, keep yourself only for each other as long as you both shall live?’

Not one of us who has made those vows had any idea what all would be included when we answered, ‘I will.” But we need not worry or be anxious because ‘(We) know whom (we have believed and (are) persuaded that he (God) is able to keep that which (we) have committed unto him against that day’ (2 Timothy 1:12b).

When we love without a ‘net’ or stipulation, we free our spouse and our children to become all that God has planned for them to become. For some, this means we must say ‘yes’ to more responsibilities than raising our family or being a supportive family member. To some, this comes early in married life. We must let go and allow God to have our husbands lead the church. Often, God does not wait until we feel we are willing. Neither does God wait until the children are grown. Therefore, it weighs heavily upon the wife to carry added responsibility in teaching and caring for the family in order to free the husband to do God’s bidding.

We dare not entertain thoughts such as ‘I have been neglected’ or ‘my needs are unmet.’ This would be the first step in squelching our husbands’ effectiveness. Attitudes such as these are likened to a net used to catch prized butterflies. All the fluttering is to no avail! But allow the butterfly liberty, and it beautifies the surrounding area. That is how it is in our homes when we allow God to have full control of our husbands’ and childrens’ lives. That release blesses and enlarges our capacity to appreciate and enjoy God’s vast areas of service, and it brings joy unspeakable and full of glory.”

-from A Woman by God’s Grace pp. 115-116

More Opportunities to Love

For those of us who live in a climate where the weather turns cold during the winter, we often are given more opportunities to spend time with our families. Let’s look at this season as a time to love our families more and more.

As a mom, I use this time to find ways to encourage my children to spend time with each other without getting on each other’s nerves. The first way to accomplish this is to have a good attitude myself! Do I always look for ways to be by myself, or do I include my children in my activities? If I show them that I value spending time with them, they are more likely to value time with each other.

Last week, I purchased a few new indoor activities for everyone to enjoy. Puzzles and bingo! We have had so much fun together each night. I purchased most of the puzzles at Dollar General, and they were not expensive at all. This was a small tangible way to bring my family together for some good clean fun.

I am thankful for this extra time together. The winter is an opportunity to be with our children more often, and to get to know them better. I really appreciate this time together!

Homestead Happenings

Hello friends, and welcome to our home! Last week, I mentioned that really cold weather was on the way. Thankfully, all of our animals survived the cold snap we experienced a few days ago, and I’m ready for warmer temperatures to arrive. They should soon according to the forecast.

Our quail and rabbits are still staying in our garage, but they are due to go back to their outdoor enclosures tomorrow. The rabbits are ready. While I’m sure they enjoy the warmth of our basement, their outdoor area is much larger than where they are staying now. My girls have spent some time with them each day, and two of them hop right up our staircase and sit next to the door leading to our main living area. They are friendly little critters.

Our quails seem to have loved being in the basement. So much so that I’ve considered letting them stay there permanently. The only problem is the smell they create. So I believe they will be heading back to their outdoor enclosures soon.

My children didn’t love the cold temperatures until it snowed for a little bit yesterday. It was totally unexpected, and very welcomed. It was so beautiful to watch the snow fall from the sky. I watched it out my window for quite some time, praising God for His goodness and sweet gift!

My husband has started to tile our wood stove area, and it looks fabulous. I squealed whenever I saw his progress today! He is created such a calming, beautiful home for our family. I usually have the vision, and he does the work. I appreciate him so much!

I’m so thankful for everything the Lord has done for us. Our little homestead is starting to come together.

Thank you so much for reading this short home update today, friends!

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