Sabbath Blessings | What a Year 2022 Has Been!

Hello friends, and welcome to the blog!

We’ve made it to the end of 2022. I can hardly believe it! The year has gone by very quickly to me. It seems like each year gets faster and faster.

My Heavenly Father has been so good to me this year. In fact, I believe it was one of my best years yet.

At the end of 2021, we sold our cabin out of what we felt was a necessity and my husband’s job was uncertain. Honestly, it felt quite dreadful.

At the beginning of 2022, I was still getting my bearings. I was unsure of so many things. Other than the fact that God is faithful, of course!

He has shown Himself to be faithful time and time again this year. I was able to learn so much about growing food, and our first goats were born at our small homestead.

I decided that it was time to feel settled in our new home, and we really started to make it our own. While we still have a lot of renovations to make, so much progress was made this year. All praise to God.

Our family was healthy, and we had a lot of fun! We enjoyed visiting places close to home, while spending most of our time on our property.

Most importantly, I believe I have grown closer to the Lord. The trials of 2021 ultimately brought me closer to Him.

At the moment, I feel like my purpose is clear. I am to love God and those around me well. I need to remember that everyday is an opportunity to serve both Him and others. I was created for such a time as this.

I hope you are encouraged today that our calling matters so much. The Lord has been so gracious to give us the blessings in our lives.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, friends. Let’s serve our home and family well!

Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!

Psalm 115:1

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