The Modesty Deception

Yesterday was a good day. We took our children to an amusement park, and we all had a nice time. I really enjoy making these types of memories with my children.

While there, I couldn’t help but notice what other people were wearing. To a large extent, what we wear sends a message to others about our beliefs, and what we think and feel about ourselves.

Many ladies were wearing clothing that didn’t leave much, or anything, to the imagination. Winter used to be a time when women were covered well due to the cold temperatures. Now with the invention of leggings as pants, that is no longer the case.

We have been deceived.

While standing in line for a ride I was thinking about this. We have lost our sense of privacy, and have been told that to expose ourselves is freedom.

How can this be? Privacy, respect, and understanding of our worth brings much more freedom to us than exposing our body parts does. It is freedom to know that we are worth so much that every man shouldn’t be privy to what we look like and what we are shaped like. This is a privilege that should only be given to a man who has proven his own worth, love, and dependability to us by giving us his last name and promising to love us forever.

We have put ourselves in bondage, and are allowing people to judge us for our body type, instead of for our true internal worth. As women who have been formed by God, and who have been given a soul by Him as well, we should take seriously the way we conceal our bodies.

A woman’s body is very special. It is able to create (with God’s help) a new creature, “something from nothing,” which is a parallel to God’s creative force to create “ex nihilo,” or something from nothing. In Scripture the holiest objects, such as Torah scrolls, were to be kept covered. Just the same, a woman’s body should be kept covered.

The private act between a man and his wife that can result in the creation of a new soul should remain just that…private. What I wear shouldn’t cause another man to think about anything pertaining to these types of things.

Modesty is a spiritual discipline, full of holiness. It is something that has great value.

If we are God’s daughters, then we are holy! We are worth so much more than we often think or realize.

The open display of our bodies diminishes the holiness we have been called to. Our bodies were not meant to be public, but to remain in the private realm. 

One of my biggest mistakes as a mother was putting my older daughters in dance endeavors, where their bodies were on display and judged for their abilities. I would do just about anything to go back in time and change my decisions. I was a fool and didn’t know what I was doing. This choice has affected their own choices, to this day. It has affected how they view clothing and concealment.

The entire glory of the daughter of the King lies on the inside.

Psalm 45:14

As daughters of the King, our true majesty shouldn’t be manifested in the public eye, but through the cultivation of her inner self as we pursue sanctification.

We seek privacy in our close relationships and bank accounts. The same should be said about the treasures of our souls and bodies. We are worth infinitely more than our bank accounts!

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today. I hope your day is blessed!

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