Homemaking Happiness

Hello friends, and welcome to the blog! I hope you have had a good week so far!

Wednesdays are one of my “busy” days. Besides homeschooling, I place a grocery pick up order. It is also my turn to make dinner on Wednesday-Friday, so I need to fit that in, too.

There once was a time when all of these things would stress me out. I know that sometimes things fall through the cracks, and everything doesn’t always get done.

With the help of God, I’ve realized that each day is an opportunity for me to serve Him with my actions. This has given me a whole new perspective!

It has helped me to find happiness throughout the day. I realize that everything I do has meaning, and purpose.

It is difficult to feel bored or stressed if you truly believe you are doing the work of the Lord. Discovering this has brought so many blessings to my life! Even when folding laundry or sweeping the floor.

When I relate to my husband and children, I am given another opportunity to love God well. Not only can I be kind and helpful to them, I can give them a beautiful and clean place to live.

I’ve realized that God is orderly, and keeping my home in order is a way to act according to His will. Of course, there are many good reasons why a person’s home may be in disarray. But as long as I’m feeling well and don’t have a new baby to tend to, keeping my home clean is doable. And what blessing and happiness it brings.

Let’s find happiness and purpose in all that the Lord has called us to do, friends.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!

2 thoughts on “Homemaking Happiness

  1. Myheartscry says:

    Doing the will of God from the heart, rendering service with a good will as to the Lord and not to man, knowing that whatever good anyone does, this he will receive back from the Lord. Eph 6

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