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Homeschooling can seem intimidating sometimes, especially when it comes to math. I’ve homeschooled my children for around 19 years now, and I must admit I became a little worried once my oldest hit middle school age. Would I be able to teach her the math concepts she needed to know effectively?

After researching several math curriculums, I stumbled across Teaching Textbooks. I looked into it a little further, and then decided to give it a try. I signed my then seventh grader up for her first course one decade ago. Since then, I haven’t looked back! All of my children have completed Teaching Textbook curriculum from seventh grade through high school.

This year, I decided to enroll my children in the 4th and 6th grade program as well. This has allowed me to concentrate my teaching time on other subjects, because I know Teaching Textbooks has our math needs covered! Teaching Textbooks offers twelve month digital courses ranging from Math 3 to Pre-Calculus. It is the only math curriculum that does all of the teaching and grading for the parent. This is done through a series of “safety nets,” which includes hints, a second chance, step-by-step resolution, a tutor hotline, and finally a refund if necessary. I know from experience that my children really love the hint and second chance features! If you’d rather your children not get any hints, this can be turned off by the parent.

There are video solutions with every single problem. I know that my children have all of the tools they need to understand the concepts they are taught. In our experience, it works every time. I do not have to explain the concepts myself, and my children progress nicely.

In general, kids love Teaching Textbooks. It is a really fun curriculum, and my fourth grader looks forward to it every day. There are tons of wallpapers and animated stickers for kids to choose from while they are using the program. This is one of the highlights of Makynlee’s homeschool day.

We use our Teaching Textbooks programs on a Chromebook and android phone, but it works on everything, including MAC, windows, Chromebook, iPhone, iPad, and Android phones and tablets. It also works offline, which is great if you live rurally, or like to homeschool on the go. Our family is currently using the Math 4, Math 6, and Algebra 2 programs. While my two younger students complete their work on our chromebook, my high schooler likes to work on her math straight from her phone. She has done this for a few years now, and it works well for her.

Teaching Textbooks emails my children’s progress to me daily. It is so nice to be able to keep up with how my children are doing anywhere and anyplace. This is a perfect way to keep up with their math work. Courses last for 12 months, and range from $45.95 to $74.95. Teaching Textbooks also offers a special discount for families with four or more children using their program.

If you’d like to check out a 15 lesson free trial for as many levels as you’d like, click on this link. This trial never expires, and no credit card is required. No trickery involved! If you decide to give Teaching Textbooks a try, I hope you like it! It has been wonderful for our family!

If you’d like to watch my video review of Teaching Textbooks, please click on the video below.

While this is a sponsored post, I have purchased and used Teaching Textbooks for many years. I hope you enjoy your free trial if you decide to check it out!

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