Welcoming April

Last night I woke up with a storm raging. It seems like April wanted to come in with a bang! Thankfully everything calmed down quickly, and we were left with a soft “pitter patter” on our roof. It was so relaxing, and definitely a blessing from the Lord.

Welcome to the blog today, friends. I have felt the need to be a little bit quiet here lately, but today, I wanted to share a few things with you.

Spring is so beautiful, isn’t it? I am thoroughly enjoying this season so far. Flowers and plants are coming back to life! My garden reminds me of the mercies of God. When I’m feeling down, I usually just need to step outside to begin feeling better. Just a few minutes ago we spied a wild turkey in our yard. I sure do love living in the country!

I have felt the need to continue cultivating a lovely home. I want to rejuvenate my home and make it a lovely place to live. I’ve noticed pieces of clutter begin to take root here and there. I tend to collect things. Sometimes this is a good trait, and sometimes, not so much. My plan is to slowly start to go though these areas as our school year ends.

Speaking of school, we are almost done! Overall, this year has gone wonderfully well, and I’m excited to start the next school year. After a summer break, of course!

I have been doing some deep thinking about raising children and relationships. I’ve realized that raising children isn’t cut and dry, and there isn’t a formula to follow. I think the most important thing for us mamas is to keep a humble spirit, and to let our children know how much we love and appreciate them. There are also times for teaching our children of course, but they need to know that we are for them and not against them. That we are truly grateful that God made us their mamas.

I’ve been preparing for Passover, which has been great. I’ve collected several books to read next week about the Exodus and Moses. One of the reasons this has been fun is because we have our very own Moses who is three-years-old. He loves to hear his name when I read! We are not Jewish, and we do not follow the Passover instructions in Scripture perfectly in our home, but I do think it is important to honor and remember Passover which is what I aim to do.

Later this afternoon we plan to visit a couple of garden centers, and hopefully take our children out to eat. We don’t do this too often, and I’m looking forward to the time we will spend together.

I hope your weekend is full of sweet moments with your families, friends. I hope to talk to you soon!

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