Eating Plant Based

Hey friends, and welcome to the blog!

Almost two years ago, I decided to start eating plant based. I ate this way for a time at a different time in my life, and I found that it worked well for me.

While I think that this type of eating is great for your health, I must admit that it also falls in line with my animal loving beliefs as well. It doesn’t help that I live in “chicken house” country, and trucks of chickens heading for slaughter pass by my home on a regular basis. The condition of these chickens and the smell is enough to make me think twice before consuming chicken from the grocery store or a restaurant. I’m also not a fan of butchering our own meat. At this point in my life I’ve decided that if there is a way for me to live without a creature dying, I want to go that route.

Anyhow, I talked a little bit about how I eat on my YouTube channel recently, and I wanted to share it with you today.

Coupled with exercise, my results have been incredible! I now have a BMI of under 20%, and I feel wonderful. I feel like I did in my early 20’s. No more sluggishness!

I hope you enjoy the video. I’ll talk to you soon, friends!

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