Homemaker Happenings | April 6, 2023 – Passover!

Good morning, friends. I hope you have a good day ahead of you. The weather seems nice here right about now, but I know storms are expected later today. I hope to get a run in soon, and then onto homeschooling and all of the other things, like laundry.

Yesterday was a good day. The morning started off slowly. To be honest, I lacked motivation there for a minute. We finished our homeschool things, and I started to make a YouTube video. I watered some plants outside, because it was really beginning to warm up. I love tending to my garden. To me, it is a way to worship God.

By mid-afternoon, I knew I needed to get my act together! Passover was to begin at sundown, and I wanted to make unleavened bread, along with a larger meal. I was able to pull it together by spending about two hours in the kitchen. Some of my family ate fish, and all of us ate unleavened bread, salad (bitter herbs), green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, and brownies.

After dinner, I read several books about Exodus to my younger children. Moses especially liked them. I also prepared spring baskets to set out for my kiddos to find in the morning.

After dinner, we took a walk. Oh, the clouds were glorious! I am always amazed by our Creator God, and the beautiful world He has given us.

Today I plan to begin putting together goodie bags with small trinkets in them for counting the omer. We haven’t done this before, and I’m looking forward to it. 50 bags for 50 days. At the end of this time we will reach Shavuot, which is when the Torah was given at Sinai. In Acts, this is known as Pentecost.

I’m excited to settle into the day, and see what the Lord has in store. It is a joy to be a keeper at home.

Thank you so much for stopping by today, friends. Let’s remember to serve our homes and families well!

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