Homemaker Happenings | April 10, 2023

Hey friends, and welcome to the blog! I hope you have a wonderful day ahead of you!

This weekend has been nice. Busy, but good. I’m thankful for a new week to start, honestly. Usually our weekends are relaxed, but this one was anything but!

Today is a special day, since it’s my daughter’s 17th birthday. We plan to spend it at home, which will be nice. She wanted a Cockatiel and cage for her birthday, which we happily got for her. She already owns a Green Cheek Conure and a Parakeet, and she is so good with them. She rescued a Cockatiel from a very bad situation off of Craigslist. She is slowly trying to work with it, and make it feel more at home. Little by little, he is becoming less guarded. She named him Olaf, and he is super cute!

One of my older daughters returned home from a trip yesterday. Hooray! After catching up for a while, I helped her with her taxes. Tax day is creeping up on us. I’m sure she is glad this is taken care of!

I spent an hour or two making a birthday cake for my daughter yesterday, too. She requested chocolate, on top of chocolate. Hopefully, she will really like it.

I’ve been going through a new book while Counting the Omer, which is a first for me. It has reminded me to love others, and about how great the love of God is for us. It has been nice. While Passover can represent freedom, Shavuot can represent purpose. The time in the wilderness (represented by Counting the Omer) before receiving the law at Mt. Sinai would be a good time to prepare one’s heart, I’d imagine.

I have been keenly aware of my shortcomings and my selfishness over the last few days. While I normally take care of my family with joy, I still need to work on my attitude from time to time. I think these seven weeks of Counting the Omer will be good for me.

Above just about anything else, I hope my children always know just how much I love them. I hope to continue to cultivate a kind and loving attitude in our interactions.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, friends. Let’s remember to serve our homes and families well!

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