Homemaker Thoughts | April 12, 2023

Hey friends, and welcome to the blog. It has been such a beautiful April day. The weather was glorious, our farm animals are happy and healthy, and the garden is growing. Such blessings from the Lord!

Things are going well inside of our home, too. Our homeschool time is growing smaller and smaller as subjects are completed. We cleaned for awhile before my boys were picked up to go fishing with their grandfather. Now we are doing all of the nighttime chores and making sure everything is squared away for tomorrow.

(I love how this perennial garden bed looks this year!)

I really appreciate the blessings the Lord has given me in this place. I see His glory in my garden and in the land He has called us to steward.

I see it inside my home, too. I have been given a husband and children to care for. What a blessing! Everything doesn’t always going according to my plan each day, but isn’t that how it goes? The Lord can use each moment to refine me into the person He wants me to be.

Each moment is a chance to show God’s kindness to others. What a privilege!

I try to remind myself of this whenever the going gets tough. This definitely happens sometimes. If I make a mistake I just need to turn back to God and repent from my actions. He always wants to help us.

I’m hoping today goes well, and that y’all have a good time with your families, too.

Thank you so much for stopping by today!



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