Parenting Thoughts and Homemaker Happenings

Hey friends, I hope you are doing well! We’ve almost made it to the end of the week, and a time of rest is near. I’m excited about it!

I’m currently sitting at my children’s violin lesson. The last one of the season, to be exact. Next week will be their dress rehearsal and performance day. I think everyone is looking forward to it.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what the Lord has been teaching me lately. He is always moving in my life. Age and time have caused me to learn that I haven’t always been right about things. My children growing older have taught me a few things as well.

As much as I wish they did, my children do not belong to me. They belong to the Lord, and He has a special purpose in mind for their life apart from mine. I must admit that while I might of said I realized this when they were younger, I didn’t “feel” it, if you know what I mean. Now that several of my children have reached adulthood, I’ve learned that their beliefs aren’t always going to line up with mine.

To be perfectly honest, my own beliefs have changed profoundly in the past two decades! How can I expect my children’s understanding of things to remain the same if mine have not?

Now I realize that I want to show them support as they grow older, while still thoroughly enjoying their younger years.

My little ones are so much fun to be around. Yesterday they played in the grass while my husband and I worked on the yard. It was so much fun to listen in on their conversations.

Such blessings!

We left the house in a mess, so when we return home I will be cleaning most definitely. Dinner is in the crock pot, and I’ve given my husband instructions on how to bake the bread that is rising in the oven. After dinner comes our time of rest.

Thank you so much for stopping by the blog, friends. I hope your weekend is filled with God’s love.

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