May Money Woes + Life Happenings

Hey friends, and Happy Monday. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you.

May has been flying by around here. I’ve been working in the garden a lot, and trying to wrap up our homeschool. My husband and I ran a 10k which was a lot of fun, too.

I also have felt the need to do a bit of a financial reset. Inflation has been crazy as you all know. I’ve cut back on “extras” in our grocery budget for a while now. One main problem is that we still have home renovations on our plate that I’d really like to get completed. We are not working on them as speedily as we once were.

My husband and sons just finished a basic barbed wire fence along the back of our property line. What’s next on our agenda is to fence in more of our property for our goats to graze in. We are in the planning stages and are trying to figure out what our budget will be.

We love our animals, but I feel like they are eating us out of house and home. We spend upwards of $400-500 per month to feed them all. We have considered downsizing our livestock animals at least, but our children see them as pets. I really don’t know what to do. I want my children to be happy, but what we are doing now isn’t working for us.

While more grazing area would help reduce feed costs, we also must take the cost of the fence itself into consideration.

I’m not sure what the outcome will be. I guess we shall see!

In the meantime, I reopened my Etsy shop to see if I could bring in a little bit of extra money for goat expenses, ha! I’ve had a lot of fun being creative and making some new ready to ship items. I’ve been working on lots of hair bows!

Here are a couple of photos of what else we have been doing around here:

Thanks for stopping by today!

Blessings, Nicole

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