Slowing Down and Happy Monday!

Hey friends, and welcome to the blog!

It was a good weekend. I got plenty of rest, and we harvested a good bit of zucchini and summer squash. They are growing like crazy! I also worked on a couple of Etsy orders which meant I got to work with the prettiest new lavender fabric. My favorite color.

I know it’s Monday, and sometimes Mondays can be intimidating. This is especially true if we have a lot on our plate. A couple of weeks ago, we had both eye and dental appointments to get to that we’re out of town. That definitely put a kink in my day.

Whenever I feel too busy, I like to stop for a few minutes and see if I can tweak a few things. If I get frazzled, my whole family can suffer. I know being around a calm mama is much better for them.

After thinking about rearranging my schedule, I like to think of all the blessings already around me. This helps me to realize I don’t need to be working at turbo-speed. God has not given me more than I can handle. I can slow down and still accomplish all that He wants me to.

I hope you have a lovely Monday, friends. After taking care of a few things inside my house, I hope to pull onions!

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