Creating a Peaceful Home

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I would like to talk to y’all for a few minutes about creating a peaceful home.This is something that has been heavy on my mind lately. I’m 42-years-old now, and at this point in my life I realize just how important this is.

While none of us are perfect, we can take steps to make our homes more peaceful. I used to not understand just how much my attitude affected my entire home. But it really does. To a large degree, wives and mothers have the power to create a peaceful home. So often our own attitude and disposition will rub off on others around us.

I don’t know if I plan on writing a “series” on this or not, but I would like to share some things I’ve learned along the way. It is so nice to glean from other wives and mothers! If you have any words of wisdom, please feel free to chime in in the comment section.

First of all, I’d like to say that if we want our homes to be at peace, we need to be at peace. It is important to have faith that the things around us are working together for the good of our families. We can realize that even if things seem to be going wrong, in the end, everything will be alright.

I’ve realized that this type of thinking is so important if I want to be at peace! In the morning I have prayer time and I try to align my heart with God’s will for me. If I don’t do this, I usually end up worried or upset at some time during the day. Then everything goes awry!

It truly is a constant renewing of our minds. And then at some point, it becomes a habit. I know I am much more peaceful now than I’ve ever been. I’m sure some of this comes with age. At the same time, if I would have learned how to think positively and joyfully about my home earlier, I think good results would have come earlier, too.

I hope to talk about other actionable steps to take soon, but first, we must work on our own inner peace. We all have problems and issues. And yet some women take them in stride while others fall into depression. I want to be someone who takes them in stride, don’t you?

Peace is within our grasp, and oftentimes it starts within our minds. I’d like to encourage you to make a conscious effort to think about things positively, and to remind yourself of your blessings often. I know we can all think of some if we try!

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Blessings, Nicole

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2 thoughts on “Creating a Peaceful Home

  1. Lyndsey says:

    This is a wonderful thought and topic. I had to leave a job a little over 6 months ago because of this exact reason. I was so worried, stressed, overwhelmed and upset all the time, and my household reflected it. Everyone was unhappy, including me. I was trying to work through the different things that would change my outlook and attitude, but it was impossible to make changes while working 60+ hours a week in a toxic environment. Thank you for sharing and the thought provoking article.
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