An Etsy Alternative? Plus a Coupon Code to Receive One Month for Free!

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I hope your week has gone well. We are tying up a few loose ends around here before the weekend rolls around.

Yesterday I talked to you about some ways to stretch your money. It looks like a recession may be upon us, and it might be smart to make some precautions.

Over the years, I have sold handmade items on both my own website and on Etsy. After taking a long break, I started selling once more in May.

Etsy is very different than it used to be. It is almost unrecognizable to what it was when I began selling there in 2008.

So when an ad popped up on my phone for a website called goimagine, my interest was peaked.

Goimagine is a place for artists and crafters to sell their goods. All items must be handmade, and an application process is in place to vet venders. Plus, all of the company’s profits support children’s charities.

After learning more about it, I decided to open up a shop. I opted for the top-tired option since it allowed me to add more listings and to open my own Mosaic shop.

You can take a look at what my goimagine site looks like here.

Goimagine is not Etsy. At this point in time, vendors really need to do their best to drive traffic to their site. But I think it is a great alternative to Etsy if you are looking to sell handmade goods. Hopefully the site will continue to grow and sellers who are there now will benefit in the long run.

My shop hasn’t been open for a month yet, and I’ve yet to make a sale. I also haven’t really promoted it yet, and I hope to start soon.

I would love to share a referral coupon code with you if you would like to open your own shop that would give both of us one free month of seller’s fees.

Referral coupon code: JTQXNL

I thought I would share since I know a lot of ladies who read this blog are most likely crafty. I can just feel it!

Have you ever heard about goimagine? If so, how do you like their website?

Blessings, Nicole

If you’d like to take a peek at my Etsy shop, please click here.

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