Making an Impact

Hello friends, and welcome.

I hope you had a lovely week. Yesterday I worked through a lot of homemaking tasks. It was my turn to make dinner, and I also made a birthday cake for my son. I washed three loads of laundry, cleaned the bathtubs, and straightened the kitchen. It feels so nice going into the weekend with a (semi)clean home!

Later in the evening, I ran. A storm was rolling in, and along with it came a nice breeze. The clouds were magnificent, and as the sky grew dark fireflies began to emerge.

I felt so small, and yet wonderful. Spending time in nature makes me feel so close to God. I can feel Him there.

It made me think about how He can use little things (like me) to impact my family, home, and land in a big way. While I don’t always know why things work out like they do, I know that His hand is in all of it. I know that He chose me to be a wife to my husband, a mother to my children, and the tender to this small piece of land that we call home.

I’ve realized the decisions I make now can have a big impact on the future of my family. The words I say and my actions matter. While my kids might not remember my every word when they are grown, they will remember how I made them feel. This is pretty important. I want to speak life into them.

I want to be encouraging to my husband. I hope he knows that I hope to make his life better, and that together we are a team that can do great things!

I want this home and land to be better because we lived here. I think we are accomplishing that goal, little by little. I know the Lord called us here for this time.

I think sometimes we can get caught up in everyday life and forget what a significance our actions have on our families and homes. I forget that God is right here, rooting for us to live a life of holiness. Then something as simple as a run in the rain reminds me.

I hope you have a wonderful day, friends. Thank you so much for stopping by today!

Blessings, Nicole

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