Weekly Round Up | July 29, 2023

Hello friends, and welcome.

Ah, I’m so glad it is Saturday. This is our “Sabbath,” and we tend to take it easy which is so nice!

I would love to share the posts that I’ve written here over the past week with you all, along with a little bit of encouragement from other websites.

This week’s posts include:

Making An Impact

Celebrating My Son’s Birthday

A Week of Crafting!

The Calm Before the Storm

New August No-Spend Challenge Printable

Some More Encouragement For You:

Homemaking Quotes

How to Create a Calm Home

Today should be a good day. I just ate some of my daughter’s pizza, which was so yummy! I plan to spend some time contemplating how to become a better wife and mother. This will definitely be time well spent.

I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Blessings, Nicole

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