Our First Week of School

Hey friends, and welcome.

We all have been busy bees around here! Our first day of homeschool was this week, and I think overall we are enjoying it. (Except for my son, as I’m sure you can see from his pained smile in the photo. He would much rather be doing something else!)

Oh friends, I am so happy to be back to schooling. This is such a good opportunity to pour into my children. The years are fleeting, and I’m so glad to spend this time with them.

Overall it’s going very smoothly, but I am spending much more time interacting with my children this year. We switched a lot of our curriculum choices over to The Good and the Beautiful, and we are still trying to get the hang of it. I think it is a good change!

We used a certain curriculum company over the past few years that I feel is just too “light,” if you know what I mean. We are still using a couple of their offerings, but not many.

I am also spending time reading aloud to my 13 and 17-year-olds. I’ve never done this before, but I’ve realized that I don’t have much more time with them. There are certain books/topics that I’d like to read out loud to them and then have a discussion time together.

At the moment, I am spending a good four to five hours actively helping my children with their school work. Last year I spent about two hours with them each day, and they were able to work independently for the rest of the time. So this is a little adjustment for me.

I plan to purchase a dedicated preschool curriculum for my three-year-old after my husband gets paid this week. I considered going with Sonlight since I have such fond memories of using this preschool curriculum with my older children. But boy, it is expensive! So my plan is to purchase a preschool curriculum from The Good and the Beautiful and supplement it from some books from Sonlight’s book list. I think this will work well for us!

We plan to work through a lot of things on Monday through Thursday, and then Friday will be a lighter day for us. This will work well since our violin lessons are on Fridays.

Besides homeschooling, I have been working on Etsy orders and canning produce from my garden. Today I put up six quarts of tomatoes and picked green beans. Okra is also starting to come in which is exciting!

Thank you so much for stopping by today, friends.

Blessings, Nicole

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