Motherhood Musings | 8/21/23

Hey friends, and welcome.

Ah, what a busy few weeks it has been! I am spending so much time homeschooling my children, and I haven’t gotten a good handle on my schedule yet. I changed so much of our curriculum this year, and to be honest, it’s been hard. I think it is the best thing to do for my family, but it’s required a lot of work on my end.

Being a mother is never dull. I’m so thankful to have a varied life! Even though I am home most of the time, each day is different.

Today my daughter went to the dentist for a tooth extraction. My husband’s birthday is this week. My garden is totally different than it was a month ago, and I have to care for it differently.

Each day is a new opportunity to live for God and to serve our families to the best of our ability. There is always something new to learn or accomplish.

My mindset has changed in that I now try to view everything in life as a miracle. This has helped me to accept each day with joy and fresh eyes. I know that I have a great purpose here in my home, and there isn’t anyone who can care for my family like I can.

I’ve been praying about how I can serve them best. I know a happy and peaceful wife and mother is what they need. I really want to give that to them!

I hope you are encouraged today to view life as good and as a gift from God. He knows what you need (and don’t need) to become the woman He wants you to be. Everything we encounter will lead us to our true purpose in life.

Well, I need to get dinner ready for my youngest one. I hope to write here on a more regular basis soon. Hopefully I will streamline my schedule before long.



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