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The Eight Biggest Time Wasters and Distractions for Homemakers – Guest Post

Today, Stephanie from Training Keepers of the Home is sharing a guest post with us. Thank you, Stephanie! Everybody has the same amount of time per day. 24 hours. Seven days in a week. 365 days a year. There is one thing that you cannot change and that is the amount of time we have… Continue reading The Eight Biggest Time Wasters and Distractions for Homemakers – Guest Post

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Parents, Require Obedience of Your Children Article

Requiring obedience from our children can be so tough! I want to be the "nice guy". I want to show God's attributes of mercy and grace. But at the same time, I know that obedience must be taught. After all, salvation is a covenant of obedience. I was greatly encouraged this morning by John Piper… Continue reading Parents, Require Obedience of Your Children Article

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Teaching Our Daughters About Biblical Womanhood

Teaching our daughters about Biblical Womanhood is so very important. Several years ago, my oldest daughters and I went through much of the Bright Lights material together (which I highly recommend). Over the past few months, my eleven-year-old and I began a study about Modesty by Queen Homeschool. Yesterday, I had an epiphany that it… Continue reading Teaching Our Daughters About Biblical Womanhood

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Learning to be Content {with My Husband’s Income}

As a Christian, contentment is one of the keys to living a joyful and full life.  And yet, much too often I find myself always wanting more. We are bombarded everyday with advertisements.  For me, the especially lovely things, such as the Pioneer Woman Slow Cooker, catch my eye.  On Instagram this week, I shared… Continue reading Learning to be Content {with My Husband’s Income}

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“Sit Down a Little More” Repost

Hello, ladies. I was so encouraged by Above Rubies on Facebook today, and I just knew I wanted to repost here. These are Nancy Campbell’s words, and not my own. Be encouraged today! “Are you nestled in your home? God wants you to nest, rest, and invest in your home. He made the home for… Continue reading “Sit Down a Little More” Repost

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A Homemaker’s Thought Life

Throughout the day, my mind is always at work.  I'm constantly thinking about something.  The Lord has blessed homemakers with a busy life, full of ample opportunities to bless others with our service. My day always begins with my thoughts.  How my day goes largely is dependent on this.  If I keep my mind on… Continue reading A Homemaker’s Thought Life

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From Cornerstone to Homemaker

As a Christian mom, I often look to the Scriptures when trying to follow God's will for my life.  There is so much that I need help with!  Maybe you can relate.  From discipleship, to mothering, to being a wife, to homemaking, and to earning a paycheck while staying inside of the home.  There is always so… Continue reading From Cornerstone to Homemaker

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Homemaking is the Ultimate Career

While I was growing up, I had many different career aspirations. Marine Biologist.  Architect.  Attorney. I remember when I was in elementary school, my teacher decided to sit down with my parents and give them an educational catalog to look through.  She told them I was a really promising student, and would make a great… Continue reading Homemaking is the Ultimate Career

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Motherhood and Holiness – Ministry Monday

Motherhood and holiness are two words that are normally not found within the same sentence. Parenting is hard, sanctifying work.  It can bring out the worst in us at times. And yet, if we are mothers, we are called to this work.  The Lord has asked us to minister to our children by being holy by His… Continue reading Motherhood and Holiness – Ministry Monday