Remembering Passover 2022

Hello, friends. I hope you are having a good weekend. A flurry of activity has been going on around here, and I wanted to stop in to document it! We remembered the Passover on Friday evening. To me, it was so meaningful. I can hardly believe the great sacrifice the Lord made for little ol' … Continue reading Remembering Passover 2022

Homemaking Day in the Life | January 12, 2022 Hello friends, I hope you are doing well on this lovely Wednesday morning! We have been working on our homeschool work, continuing with our bathroom renovation, and dreaming of spring. (Ahem...I have been dreaming of spring. Many of my other family members much prefer winter!) Related: Homemaking Day in the Life | December 21, … Continue reading Homemaking Day in the Life | January 12, 2022