Planting My Herb Garden

Do you like growing herbs? Goodness, I love them! I think they are so fun to grow, and I especially like working with perennial varieties that come back each year in my area, like rosemary and oregano. It makes me feel accomplished when I see something I planted spring back to life each year. All praise be to God!

I recently shared a video on my YouTube channel where I planted a couple of my new raised beds with herbs. My goal is to make an herbal area right outside of my raised bed garden. One day, I hope to have a potting shed/greenhouse, along with a relaxing seating area. But for now, I’m content with my raised beds. I love watching everything grow!

I’ve purchased several books about herbs, and I’m trying to learn as much as I can about medicinal herbs in particular. I have used essential oils with my family for about seven years now, and am certified in French Aromatherapy. I would like to add herbal studies to my toolbox as well! Herbs are a great way to treat our families for mild problems, but knowledge is super important before we do so.

I find such joy and peace when I step into my garden. The Lord has been so good to give me a place like this.

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I hope you have a lovely day with your family, friends.