Home Improvements on the Horizon

We closed on our cabin on Friday. It was pretty much the most seamless real estate transaction of all time. Ah, I am so excited to become 100% debt free again, possibly today! We also will be able to work on some much needed projects around here.

This home has been lovely, but at the same time, needs work. Now, I’m very grateful for a roof over my head! I don’t think I will ever forget discovering that it was infested with bedbugs after we purchased it last year, though. Eek! We fixed that problem quickly.

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We’ve put lots of time into it, but now, it can be our only focus. (As far as houses go). I am ready to get things done! Alas, my husband is who does most of the work, due to his strength and knowledge, ha! I need to be more patient, to be sure. I know in due time, this house will look lovely.

Yesterday, my husband began making built in bookshelves for me. A homeschool mama’s dream, I tell you. While he did this, I began attacking boxes and wall art from the cabin. Ladies, our home is such a mess right now. While the cabin buyer wanted our furniture, I did have a good bit of odds and ends left there that we needed to retrieve. Now, that stuff is in our bedroom and kitchen. I did make a dent in it though, and hopefully everything will have a rightful place by the end of the week.

Back to the bookshelves. This home is severely lacking storage, with the exception our basement. How I would love a linen closet, or a larger pantry! I’ve put our storage needs pretty high on the priority list.

I think our next step is to build a storage building outside. We would love to build a large metal building/garage, but we would need to clear trees, level land, pour a slab, etc., before that could be done. We are in need of more storage, soon. We are currently storing animal feed, hay, straw, etc. in our basement, and we’d really like to keep it outdoors. Also, this house came with two small concrete slabs in the backyard, perfect to build a small shed on.

After we move our lawnmower and yard things outdoors, we will be able to remove the garage doors on our basement and frame in actual doors. Then, we hopefully can do something to replace the fascia of our foundation.

It seems like every project depends on something else getting done first. The stucco on our foundation looks terrible, and is one of the first things we would like to fix. But it doesn’t make sense to do that before the doors are changed out. I’m really excited about the prospect of a finished basement in our future!

Same with our ceilings. Our living room ceiling is ripply, and has a strange triangle cutout in the side of it. Before we can fix it, we need to put on a new roof, fix the gutters (we’ve had leaks), and level the floor. Otherwise, covering the ceiling with wood (my dream) would be for naught. I know the time will come for pretty wood ceiling, one day though.

Speaking of leveling the floor, the floor jack we ordered from Lowes has finally arrived! There was a slight problem with the floor when we looked at the house, with some bowing boards in the basement. Well, to “fix” it, the previous homeowner removed the bowing boards, and cut new ones to fill the hole. Big mistake. This made our floor sag even worse, since the new boards were shorter. Hopefully my husband can fix this problem soon. I know it takes awhile to rectify, to make sure you are not putting too much stress on the house.

Finishing our laundry room and a basement pantry are also on my “hopefully to be completed within a few months” list. Hooray!

Other than calling out someone to look at our well and to service our septic system, these are our next steps. Home improvement projects are exciting, but they take a lot of work, don’t they? They seem to always take longer than expected.

I need to remember to maintain an abundant mentality throughout our renovations. The Lord (YHWH) has given me so much. It is easy to grumble during long renovations, but instead, His will is for me to have patience and peace.

I hope you have a blessed week with your families, ladies. I’ll be over here unpacking boxes, in between homeschooling my kiddos.

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

Proverbs 3:5‭-‬6 NKJV

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