Prepping for Thanksgiving + Free Printable

Hello friends, and welcome.

Today is the day before Thanksgiving in the United States, and I’ve found myself in the kitchen for most of it so far. I really love to prepare all that I can beforehand. So far I’ve made sweet potato casserole, stuffing, green bean casserole, and a pumpkin pie. Two of my daughters plan to make a few dishes as well, and together I believe we can get it all done!

Then, onto cleaning. Oh friends, I have so much to do. We don’t plan to have many people over tomorrow, but I just love to have a clean home on Thanksgiving Day. It just feels so much nicer. I hope to get a lot of that done today as well. We shall see!

I also hope to sneak in the time to complete a couple of pending orders in my Etsy shop. I will be making a personalized towel and a onesie for a one-year-old’s birthday. I might put my shop on sale for the weekend, too!

Finally, we need to pick up groceries at Walmart. I tried to place my pick up order for yesterday, but all of the spots were booked. So today it is. I truly hope that it isn’t too hectic.

As I’ve done all of this prep work, I’ve thought about how important it is to prepare my heart, too. It can be easy to become overwhelmed with a to-do list a mile long. But what really matters is that I complete what I can with a joyful heart.

I might not get it all done. That wouldn’t be the end of the world. Each day and moment is a gift, and we can enjoy our tasks while we do them.

I made soudough bread for dinner while working on Thanksgiving meals today. To be honest, I was tempted to complain because I had so many other cooking tasks to do! But making sourdough for my family is one of my favorite things, and I was able to watch a short YouTube video while doing so. It actually felt like a short break, and was really nice.

If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow. Take care, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Blessings, Nicole

If you would like to download the free printable below, please click here!

We Weren’t Meant to Carry the World’s Burdens

Hey friends, and welcome.

It is Friday. Ah, I love Fridays. Before we know it, a fresh weekend will be upon us.

I’ve spent the day doing some light cleaning and exercising. I finished two Etsy orders and got chili in the crock pot. Chili is super easy for Friday night! It has been my go to lately.

In a few minutes I will tie up some loose homeschooling ends for the week. I’m pretty excited about that.

It’s been a wonderful day!

I guess since Thanksgiving is in November, I tend to think more about what I’m thankful for during this time of year. I’m so happy to have all of the blessings in my life.

This year has been tough on a worldwide level. My heart has ached to see so much tragedy unfold half a world away. And yet, here I am, basically untouched at the moment. I can’t help but feel extreme gratitude.

I wish evil didn’t exist and I could figure out how to put a stop to it all. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I think that I do have the ability to shine light on my little corner of the world, though. I can be kind, thoughtful, and generous. I can make my home comfortable and warm. I can appreciate and love my husband and children.

These “little” things really do matter.

When it comes to bigger situations which include a lot of hurting people, I can pray, share, and give. At times it just seems like too much, and I pull back to refocus on my family. I don’t think we were ever meant to carry the burden of the world on our shoulders. When I can tell my mental space is becoming filled with fear and worry, I know I must step away from the fearful and worrisome news for a time. My children deserve a mama who greets them with a smile instead of a frown.

Tonight I hope to spend time reading and hanging out with my family. We might take measurements to add stairs into our woods. Right now we must nearly slide down a slope to access part of our property, and stairs would be absolutely lovely.

I hope you have an amazing weekend, friends!

Blessings, Nicole

It is So Good to be Home!

Hey, friends! It’s been a minute since I wrote on this blog. I have been very busy with all of my homeschooling and homemaking things. I’ve also needed to take the time to regroup and be “quiet” for a season.

I think this is true for most of us. It can feel so nice to retreat and examine ourselves. I like to take these times to grow as a person and find better ways to do things.

This weekend was very busy. We had three straight days of plans outside of our home. While most of these plans fell into the fun category, I still kind of dreaded it. A week beforehand I really just relished being home.

Once the weekend was over, I was so excited just to be here. To wake up in my own bed, knowing nothing pressing was at hand, is priceless.

While my home is not the fanciest around, I have grown to love it. I love sitting in my cozy living room with my family. I love looking out the window at my now dormant gardens.

I truly feel God’s peace here. I know He has blessed me with this home and I am grateful to be a steward over it.

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Every word and task here is a labor of love. I think this is true for most of us. The care we put into our home matters. I know my work here is really important, and as a bonus, I get to hang out with my sweet family each day instead of leaving for a job.

In my time of reflection lately, I’ve determined yet again that it is best for me to be fully content with what I have been blessed with. I go through seasons of struggle with this, especially given the current economic situation of our county. Inflation is tough, and at times I want to continue with our current standard of living while I know it simply isn’t smart to. It is better to count my blessings and be resourceful!

(These are flowers I saved from our first freeze. They definitely cheered up our home for awhile!)

I have so much to be thankful for! We have everything we need. My home is safe, warm, and dry. I get to stay home with my children each day. This is one of the greatest gifts I could ever ask for.

I hope you are having a special and blessed November so far, friends. I hope to talk to you again, soon.