Homemaking Day in the Life | January 12, 2022

Hello friends, I hope you are doing well on this lovely Wednesday morning! We have been working on our homeschool work, continuing with our bathroom renovation, and dreaming of spring. (Ahem…I have been dreaming of spring. Many of my other family members much prefer winter!)

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This video is lagging a bit, but I wanted to share a one of my new-ish YouTube videos with you today. This video actually took place on New Years Eve, and I prepped some yummy french fries from my Prairie Homestead Cookbook, took a look at the progress my husband was making on our bathroom renovation, and put together a little New Year’s Eve celebration for my kiddos.

I’m very thankful that at this point, our bathroom renovation has continued to move forward! Tile is going in, and I’m trying my best to decide if I would like to change out our vanity or not. Of course, I would rather be frugal and leave the vanity intact. At the same time, I really want this renovation to be just what we want. We are trying our best to use natural materials when we can. When I lived in our cabin, I realized that I loved the way the wood walls felt. It was so cozy! We are trying to do the same in our bathroom. For the tile, we are using slate. It is going to look quite different than the “farmhouse look” I thought I wanted when we purchased this home. But that’s okay. Once our cabin sold, I knew I wanted more rustic touches in this home.

Homemaking can be messy (like home renovations!), but it is also such a blessing. I’m so grateful to be a wife and mama.

I hope you have a lovely week with your families. Your work within the walls of your home matters so much, friend. Diligently serving our families is truly a high and noble calling.

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