Upcoming Spring 2022 Homestead Projects

Friends, I am super excited. We have some fun upcoming projects coming to our homestead this spring! Spring is such a nice time for new beginnings. I thought I would share a few of things we have up our sleeve with you today!

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Anyhow, back to the plans! Do you have any plans for spring? If so, please feel free to share them in the comment section below.

This spring we are hoping to welcome goat babies! We bred our doe Nora for the first time in late fall, and I guess time will tell if she is expecting. I hope she is. She is getting wider! I plan to put together a kit of all the things I will need during her delivery. Hopefully all will go smoothly, but I would like to be prepared. My husband recently completed a birthing stall for her, and we moved the hay feeder that was previously housed there to a different area.

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We will be upgrading our seed starting station soon. I am currently growing flower seeds in our current set up, and I would like to have a bigger area to continue to growing larger starts. Usually once I up-pot seedlings, the only place for them is on the porch. Then I must bring them in on cold nights. This is a lot of extra work that a new growing shelf would fix.

We have arranged for two dump truck loads of free wood chips to be delivered to our property. Our local utility company is looking for places to unload wood chips from trees they’ve cut down on their right of way. This is super exciting to me. We usually pay a good bit of money for wood chips each spring, and to get them for free is certainly a blessing.

We will be top dressing all of our raised beds with compost soon. This will help all of our seedlings get a good start. Last year we went with a local company, and I wasn’t impressed with the quality of the compost at all. This year, we will likely just buy bags from Home Depot or Lowe’s.

My husband will be expanding our kitchen pantry before I know it. Oh friends, this is totally wonderful. Along with this change, he also will be adding wood to the walls and ceiling. I can hardly wait to see it. We’ve painted our cabinets green, and I want to add more natural elements to the space. I want to bring the outside in!

After the kitchen is done, he will be moving to our deck. We currently have a small landing for a deck which is in pretty bad shape. I want to enlarge it by a good bit. I’m hoping that he will be able to build in benches along the sides to help accommodate our large family.

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And I guess those are our plans for the next couple of months! We are using funds that we put aside from the sale of our cabin to update our home and fix up our homestead. We are still trying to be frugal, though. A ton of money has been saved by my husband doing all of the work. The poor guy has been very busy, though!

I’m thankful to the Lord for His goodness, and have been doing my best to see the blessings He has given us instead of the work that needs to be completed. Little by little, our house is becoming a home.

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