Introducing “Little Blessings” | Homemade Blessings from My Home to Yours

Hello, friends! It is such a nice day over here. The sun is shining, we are all healthy and well, and I have a treat up my sleeve that I hope you enjoy!

For many, many years, I have enjoyed crafting. In 2008, I started an Etsy shop selling hair accessories and birthday outfits called Joyfully Made. It has been so much fun to run all of these years!

At one point, I decided to sell items in a “Girls of Grace” section. I made faith based items and sold them at my cost. I “sold” 300-400 items that way, and it was such a blessing to do so.

At this point in our lives, I feel incredibly blessed by the Lord, and I began to look for a way to give back using my sewing and crafting skills once again. I’ve decided to open a section of my Etsy shop called “Little Blessings.” I’ve made several items, and it is now ready to launch.

Since on Etsy, you cannot list things for free, I listed everything in this section for $1.00. I dropped shipping charges to $2.50, so the cost of each item is around $3.50 total. This will almost cover the actual shipping cost, and the item is a gift from me to you.

If there is interest in this section, I hope to list several things for you each month. I will announce here when a new batch of items is listed. Perhaps in the future I will find a different way to share these items with you, but for now, Etsy it is.

My favorite items listed this month are all fabric pieces. The Fruit of the Spirit Table Runner is especially lovely, and I also really like the small Amazing Grace Tote Bag I made.

There are also a few dresses, shirts, and onesies for you to choose from. I really like this “All of God’s Grace” onesie!

Please pass this information along to anyone who might be interested. I hope you have a blessed day, and enjoy this new section in my shop.

Visit “Little Blessings” here!