My Simple Offering

I have been writing articles on this blog for close to two months now.  I’ve truly enjoyed writing and sharing with you!  God has laid this project on my heart 100%, and that is why I find time to type out my thoughts and share God’s Word.


I pray over every single word.  The Lord truly is incredible, I usually sit at the keyboard with a small semblance of a thought that popped into my head earlier in the week.  God somehow weaves together a post.  Honestly, I’m amazed at the way the Lord puts thoughts and verses into my heart to share…thoughts that I know don’t come from little ‘ole me.

Several weeks ago I was contacted by another blogger, and told that one of my posts was featured on her blog.  She sent a link to a pretty button to display on my sidebar.  It said, I’ve been featured.”   It’s hilarious how much grief this little blog button caused!  Should I post this, or not??  I know that this blog is the Lord’s and not mine…

I ended up posting this button, with all credit given to my Heavenly Father listed directly above.  How strange, you might think.  But you see, this website is an offering to my Lord.  I know that it isn’t much, but it is still my offering.  Everything that I type is for Him.  Absolutely Everything.  If one person feels encouragement from a post, then it is all worth it.  And it’s all His.

If someone decided to copy and paste entire posts without giving me credit, I would rejoice.  If someone claimed this work as their own, I would give God the glory.  I would be so very thankful that encouragement for God’s kingdom would have a farther reach than this small website.

At this point, I’m not posting affiliate links.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with bloggers who share affiliate links!  It is absolutely wonderful that bloggers can make income with their ministry!  The Lord has just laid it on my heart to definitely not do so at this time.

We all have offerings to give.  As mothers, when we care for our husband, children, and home, we are presenting an offering to God.  When we go through a difficult pregnancy, we are offering our body as a living sacrifice.  God’s hand can be found in the tiniest details, whether it be folding clothes, washing dishes, or sweeping floors.

 I beseech you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, [which is] your reasonable service.

Romans 12:1

Sometimes our offerings are more deliberate.  They might include giving our time and money to the poor or afflicted.  These offerings are wonderful!  But please remember, our “smaller” offerings to our family are just as needful.  And just as great.


Sometimes it’s difficult to decipher the Lord’s gentle whisper about what we should offer.  It might be a reading a third bedtime story instead of taking a relaxing bubble bath.  Or purchasing crayons and coloring books instead of the latest woman’s magazine.  Be encouraged that our God sees every simple offering.  He is pleased when we choose to bless others instead of ourselves.  What a glorious offering that is indeed.

Be blessed!