What I’m Planting in the Garden This Week (Gardening is Becoming a Full Time Job!)

Hey, friends! I have so many things going on this week. Most of them are garden related! I thought it would be fun to share some of what I’m planting in my garden with you. If you are interested, click the video link above.

This year, I’ve decided that I will be working on improving my gardening skills as much as possible. I truly want to have a homestead that produces an abundance of food. I also believe that God is in it! After all, He created a garden for man to tend to and enjoy in the beginning.

So a lot of my time has been dedicated to gardening lately. I’m sure this is obvious in the content I’m sharing. When I’m not actually gardening, I’m reading and learning about it. This is something very important that I need to do for my family.

I want to produce more and consume less. While I know that we will never be truly “self sufficient” as a family, I think that working towards a life full of homemade things is very beneficial for all of us.

I will have lots of failures. But friends, that is how we learn! So far, my garden is looking pretty good, but behind the scenes there are seeds that didn’t germinate, or that died. I’m thankful that all of my mistakes are teaching me valuable lessons in both the garden and in life.

Some of the seeds I’m planting will make it, but some of them won’t. And while I may do my best to help them grow, ultimately it is in God’s hands. He is the Creator and Sustainer of life!

So please come along with me as I share about what I’m planting. I hope that you are planting something lovely, too!

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