Current Favorite {Wholesome} YouTube Channels


Goodness, I have been having so much fun watching YouTube on our television since we purchased a ROKU stick.  There are lots of people putting out fabulous content, and I wanted to share my current two favorites with you today!

I’ve enjoyed watching this family so much.  They are dedicated to living for the Lord, and I find their decision to live in a tiny home with their four boys inspiring.  They also share their musical talent on their sister channel, Sounds Like Reign.  I must admit, I prefer their family blogs the best, especially when Lindsay is featured.

House cleaning is not my strong suit, and yet I’m inspired to clean while I watch Lynette’s channel.  It is fun to catch glimpses of her family, too.

It has been such a blessing to rid our home of commercials.  I shared a bit more about our week earlier, if you would like to take a look.  We have Amazon TV through our Prime subscription, which has been wonderful.  I also subscribed to UP TV for $5 a month, which gives us lots of wholesome options for our younger children, such as Torchlighters and Character Builders.


Do you have any YouTube channel recommendations?  Please feel free to share them below!

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